Who doesn’t love animals? Some might not pet them, but we all find them adorable.
Term Vegan may sound new specially for the shoe industry but it’s high time that we start taking little steps towards reducing the carbon footprint. Amidst the Pandemic we researched to start venturing into making such products that can lead CHAPTER 13 play its part in making this world greener and sustainable.



What are Vegan Shoes?

Vegan shoes are made from material that doesn’t involve any animal byproduct or material derived from it in the manufacturing of a shoe. Animal product include leather, animal fur or any glue sourced from animal. Vegan shoes are not tested on animals either. No animal is harmed in the making of the shoe.




How is CHAPTER 13 making Vegan Shoes?

We have never been an advocate of leather shoes. Under the collection of ‘Vegan Shoes’ we are using up cycled jute fabric and organic cotton to take little step in reducing the carbon foot print on the planet. Rubber soles  and Tire Soles are used instead of leather soles. We are dispatching vegan shoes with dust bags made from up cycled material.


Shop now: https://www.chapter13online.com/collections/new-arrivals


Wear CHAPTER 13, Wear Vegan!

Save the earth! Save Animals and say no to leather shoes.

Take a little step towards responsible and sustainable lifestyle.



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