Goota also known as Goota Patti is an age old traditional embroidery of South Asia. Goota is basically tiny bits of zarri ribbon sewn to make different patterns. It has been widely used in formal clothing and for making handmade jewelry pieces. They are available in a variety of colors but most commonly available are Golden and Silver.

Upon market research, we discovered a holographic version of Goota Patti that is not commonly used or made. On an instant, we decided to introduce our shoe and accessories line using rarely found holographic color with limited available shapes of goota patti.

Goota Patti is all about bringing back the forgotten and dying trend of goota presented in a contemporary yet modern way. We have used variety of colors ranging from deep tones to neons to pastel on traditional shoe patterns. In accessories, we have experimented using goota with stones, resham thread, pearls and chains

Enjoy the quality made, traditional yet comfortable shoes this Eid.

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